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• Basic Comments About Trademarks
The TTAB Blog by John Welch
United States Trademark Office
Trademark Electronic Search System
Trademark Office Telephone Numbers
Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) Final Decision Archive 1984-1996 (Pierce Law IPMALL )
Contact information for Trademark Assistance Center and Law Offices
• Trademark ID Manual
• Trademark Assignment Search
Trademarks as a Complement to Sound Based Marks

How to Fight Against Counterfeiting
US Trademark Counterfeiting Statute --article
US Trademark Counterfeiting Statute
◦ ICC Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau
Trademark Audits
Trademark Dilution
Federal Trademark Dilution Act
◦ Text of Federal Trademark Dilution Act
Trademark Dilution and Merchandising
• U.S. Trademark Act (Lanham Act)
◦ Trademark Amendments Act of 1999
◦ Cybersquating Bill (part of the Intellectual Property and Communications Reform Act of 1999)
◾ Congressional Comments
◦ U.S. Trademark Law and Rules of Practice
• State Trademark Law 
◦ California
◾ California dilution law
◾ California infringement
◾ California anticounterfeiting
◾ Incorporation as presumption and limitations
◾ Fictitious filing as presumption and limitations
◦ New York
• International Aspects of Trademark Law
◦ International Trademark Considerations
◦Madrid Protocol (Copyright 2004 Los Angeles County Bar Association, Reproduced with Permission)
◦ Parallel Imports and Gray Market Goods

Appellations of Origin in the United States
European Community Trademarks
◾ EUIPO (formerly OHIM--European Trademark Office)
Opening of European Trademark Office (photographs)
◦ Trademark Law Treaty (TLT)
◾ Implementing Legislation
◦ Marques European Case Notes Database
Euroace Online -- Search Nice Classification
Madrid Monitor -- Search Madrid Registrations

International Trademark Registration -- Trademark Offices in Various Countries (website of German Lawyer Joachim Rudo)
◦ Trademark Offices Outside of the United States
◾ Argentina
◾ Australia Searching database
◾ Brazil
◾ Canada Searching database
◾ France
◾ Germany
◾ Japan
◾South Africa

◾ Spain
◾ United Kingdom
◾ UK Search services
◦ Trademark laws of other countries
◾Arab countries (website of AGIP)
◾ Switzerland
• Organizations
International Trademark Association
• Internet Domain Name Issues
◦ Trademark Office Examination Guide 2-99
◦ Domain Name Litigation
◦ Perspectives on Domain names
WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva)

Copyrights Basics
• International Copyright Considerations
◦ Copyright Treaties from WIPO website (
Works Made For Hire
◦ CCNV v. Reid (OYEZ U.S. Supreme Court Multimedia includes Real Audio link to oral argument before U.S. Supreme Court--search by title)
Copyright and Parallel Imports
• U.S. Copyright Act
◦from Copyright Office website

◦ Digital Millenium Copyright Act
◾ Study by Copyright Office under Section 104 of DMCA
◦ Digital Theft Deterrence and Copyright Damages Improvement Act of 1999
•Google Book Search settlement?

•Secondary Liability

Copyright Restoration
Columbia Law School and George Washington Music Plagerism Project
 Cornell University Library -- Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States
•Copyright Related Blogs
The Patry Copyright Blog
Termination of Grants -- Useful summary of termination law by Alter, Kendrick & Baron in NY
Copyright Litigation Blog (Raymond Dowd)
Copyright and Fair Use (Stanford University Libraries)
The Internet and Entertainment Issues
◦     Entertainment on the Internet, 2001
◦     Music on the Internet, 2000 )
WIPO COPYRIGHT TREATY adopted by the Diplomatic Conference on December 20, 1996
WIPO PERFORMANCES AND PHONOGRAMS TREATY Adopted by the Diplomatic Conference on December 20, 1996
• Organizations
◦ Los Angeles Copyright Society
Copyright Society of the USA
California Copyright Conference
United States Copyright Office --home page includes Copyright Office announcements, regulations, registration info, circulars, deposit requirements, WIPO documents and other resources.
◦ Pending Copyright Legislation

Coipyright Offfice Fair Use Index

Copyright Office Fee Schedule

Copyright Records Search (since 1978)
Copyright Compendium
◦ Telephone Numbers: | General 202-707-3000 | Information Specialists 202-707-5959 | Fax on Demand 202-707-2600 | Forms Hotline (24/7) 202-707-9100 |
◦ Address: U.S. Copyright Office, Library of Congress, 101 Independence Ave. S.E., Washington, D.C. 20559-6000

◦ CCNV v. Reid (1989)(how to determine if a work is a "work made for hire")
◦ Fogerty v. Fantasy, Inc. (level playing field for prevailing defendants in determining whether attorneys fees are to be awarded)
◦ Feltner v. Columbia Pictures Television, Inc. (1998)(jury trial required re: statutory damages)
◦ Sony Corp v. Universal City Studios (1984) (the Betamax case: fair use and off air video taping; contributory infringement)

Central District of California Litigation Tips for Out of Town Lawyers
FRCP Rule 26(f) Conferences in the Central District of California
Preliminary Injunctions--Tips for Having Them Granted
•FRCP Rule 37 and Local Rule 37 (tips contributed with thanks to Douglas L. Lytle of San Diego)
Rule 37 letter (from FAQs about Judges' Procedures and Schedules on Central District website, procedures of Magistrate Judge Nakazato, Santa Ana (Southern Division))
Rule 37 Stipulation (on FAQs about Judges' Procedures and Schedules on Central District website, procedures of Magistrate Judge Nakazato, Santa Ana (Southern Division))
Rule 37 Notice of Motion (on FAQs about Judges' Procedures and Schedules on Central District website, procedures of Magistrate Judge Nakazato, Santa Ana (Southern Division))
◦Guidelines for Discovery Disputes ( (on FAQs about Judges' Procedures and Schedules on Central District website, procedures of Magistrate Judge Turchin, Los Angeles (Western Division))

• Pretrial Conference Order (Central District Local Rules)
• Federal Court Websites
◦ U.S. Supreme Court
◾ Supreme Court Historical Society
◾Oyez: U.S. Supreme Court Multimedia

◾ (The following are examples of cases in which oral argument are available on Real Audio on the Oyez Project Website--Click on "Search by Title" and select words or names of the case title to search)

Brandenburg v. Ohio
CCNV v. Reid
Fantasy v. Fogerty
FCC v. Pacifica Foundation
Feltner v. Columbia Pictures Television, Inc..
Gertz v. Robert Welch Inc
Glickman v. Wileman Brothers & Elliot
New York Times v. Tasini
National Endowment for the Arts v. Finley
Reno v. ACLU
Quality King Distrib. v. L'anza Research Int.
Sony Corp. v. Unversal City Studios
Wal-Mart Stores v. Samara B ros., Inc

◾ Copyright cases on OYEZ
◾ Trademark cases on OYEZ
◾Oyez Supreme Court Podcast

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
◾ Opinions
◾ Rules
◾Standards of review

Model Jury Instructions -- Ninth Circuit 

◾Case Management and Online Case Filing from the Central District website

Anderson on E-Filing -- lawyer website with access to an excellent unofficial guide to online case filing in the Central District of California

Central District of California (local rules, local local rules, forms, court calendars, general orders, maps, weather, traffic conditions and telephone directory)
◾ Selected Local Rules (CAUTION--these may not be updated AND NOT COMPLETE-- AND LOCAL RULES, INCLUDING CALENDARING RULES CHANGE JANUARY 1, 2010) -- The Local Rules are searchable on the Central District Website. This searching link may also work.
◾ Local Rules (highlights only)
◾ Local Rule 3 -- civil cover sheet
◾ Local Rule 5 -- lodging; proof of service (significantly amended in 2012 re electronic filing and service issues)
◾ Local Rule 6 -- time for filing motions
◾ Local Rule 7 -- stipulations; motions, prefiling conference; motion papers
◾ Local Rule 8 -- response to initial complaint; stipulation
◾ Local Rule 11 -- facsimile documents; typeface
◾ Local Rule 15 -- amended and supplemental pleadings
◾ Local Rule 16 -- pretrial
◾ Local Rule 26 -- duty of disclosure; conference; exhibit numbering
◾ Local Rule 32 -- use of depositions in court proceedings
◾ Local Rule 33 -- interrogatories
◾ Local Rule 34 -- requests for production
◾ Local Rule 36 -- requests for admission
◾ Local Rule 37 -- failure make discovery; prefiling conference; joint stipulation
◾ Local Rule 38 -- jury trial demand
◾ Local Rule 40 -- continuances of trial
◾Local Rule 41 -- dismissals
◾ Local Rule 43 -- testimony by written narrative
◾Local Rule 49 -- special verdicts, interrogatories
◾ Local Rule 51 -- jury instructions
◾ Local Rule 52 -- lodging findings of fact and conclusions of law
◾ Local Rule 54 -- judgments
◾Local Rule 58 -- entry of judgment
◾ Local Rule 56 -- summary judgment
◾ Local Rule 65 -- injunctions
◾Local Rule 72 -- magistrate judges
◾Local Rule 73 -- magistrate judges, trial by consent
◾Local Rule 83 -- rules by district courts
◾ Local Rule 83-1 -- pendency of other cases; notice of related cases
◾ Local Rule 83-2 -- pro hac vice; designation of local counsel
◾Appendix A -- Final Pretrial Conference Order

Southern District of California
Northern District of California
Eastern District of California
Southern District of New York
◾ Local Rules
• Court Dockets
◦ PACER Service Center
◾Central District of California Cases ECF Login Page (obtain scanned copies of documents in civil cases in the Central District of California)
◾PACER home page/US Party/Case index (search federal cases throughout entire country)

◦ Legal Dockets Online
• Who's Suing Whom (searchable database of IP federal district court cases sponsored by Inc.)
• Lawcast--Sample Audio Files
• Judiciary Code
◦ Jurisdiction and Venue
◾ Section 1331 (federal question jurisdiction)
◾ Section 1332 (diversity jurisdiction)
◾ Section 1338 (jurisdiction regarding intellectual property matters)
◾ Section 1350 (alien tort actions)
◾ Section 1367 (supplemental jurisdiction)
◾ Section 1391 (venue generally)
◾ Section 1392 (defendants in different districts)
◾ Section 1400 (copyright venue)
◾ Section 1404 (change of venue)
◾ Section 1406 (cure or waiver of defects)
◦ Removal jurisdiction and procedure
◾ Section 1441 (actions removable generally)
◾ Section 1446 (procedure for removal)
◾ Section 1447 (procedure after removal)
◾ Section 1448 (process after removal)
◾ Section 1449 (state court record supplied)
• US Code
• Statutes by Popular Name
• Pending Legislation (Thomas Legislative Information on the Internet)
• Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
◦ FRCP Rule 26
• Service of Process

FRCP 4 ◦ Corporate information/Agents for Service of Process
◾ California Secretary of State Business Search
◾ Los Angeles Fictitious Business Statement Search
◾ Nevada Secretary of State Corporation Searches
◾ New York Department of State
◾ Corporation/Business Database
◾ Delaware Division of Corporations
◾Corporate status

◾ New Jersey
◾ Texas
◾ Canada
◾ China--Hong Kong Companies Registry
◾ France
◾French Companies Directory

◾European Companies Directory

◾ United Kingdom Companies (only available until Midnight, UK time) (excellent web site with statutes from the various states (see Rules), and information on service in countries around the world (see Int'l) for Hague countries, InterAmerican Convention countries and letters rogatory countries)
• Federal Rules of Evidence
• Federal Appellate Decisions
◦ U.S. Supreme Court decisions (1937-1975)
◦ 9th Circuit Decisions
◦ Emory University Map of Federal courts and decisions
◦ 2d Circuit Decisions
• Federal Judicial Center
• Federal Courts home page
• Transnational Litigation
◦ Hague Convention on the Service of Judicial Documents Abroad
◦ FRCP Rule 4(f)
◦ Hague Convention on the Taking of Evidence Abroad; from Hague Conference on Private International Law
◦ Convention Abolishing Legalisation of Documents
◦ New York Convention re Arbitral Awards
◦ Federal Rule 44(a)(2) (authentication; official records)
◦ Rule 44.1 (determination of foreign law)
◦ Judiciary Code Provisions
◾ 28 USC 1696 (service in foreign and international litigation)
◾ 28 USC 1741 (evidence)
◾ 28 USC 1781 (transmittal of letter rogatory or request)
◾ 28 USC 1782 (assistance to foreign and international tribunals)
◾ 28 USC 1783 (subpoena of person in foreign country)
◾ 28 USC 1784 (contempt)
◦ Draft Convention on Jurisdiction and Foreign Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters
◾ Official Hague Conference site
◾ U.S. State Dept. site
◦ UK Court System
• Constitution, statutes and codes--Cornell University
• Code of Federal Regulations
• The Trade Secrets Home Page
• Misc. Forms
• Selected Case Cites
Damages Discovery Evidence

Insurance Coverage Issues Preliminary Injunctions International issues Jurisd./venue Jury Instructions

Pleadings Procedural issues Protective Orders Trial

Motion Picture Production and Distribution
Legal Business of the Film Business (California Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts PowerPoint Presentation, September 30, 2006)
• Entertainment Industry Contract Negotiation
Life Story Rights
• Titles of Motion Pictures, Television Series and Books
• Dispute Resolution
Arbitration of entertainment industry matters
◦ Entertainment Industry Arbitration: Domestic and International : (outline of presentation)
◦ IFTA Arbitration
• Rights of Publicity
◦ Articles
◾The Right of Publicity on the Internet (Christina Fernandez, 1998) Part II
◾Recent Developments in the Right of Publicity in the United States (Baila H. Celedonia, Cowan Lebowitz & Latman, 2003, updated by Jason D. Sanders)
◾Right of Publicity (Lloyd L. Rich, Publishing Law Center)
◾Right of Publicity Online Resource Center, UNC-Chappel Hill School of Law
◾State Right to Publicity Laws, National Conference of State Legislatures
◾Right of Publicity, (Mark Roesler)
◾Practitioner's Guide to California Right of Publicity Law

◦Chart re state law rights
◦ Deceased celebrity rights search--California The registry required by CC 3344.1 (formerly 990) is now online
• Entertainment Industry Web Sites
◦ Hollywood Reporter
◦ Daily Variety
◦ IFTA Home Page
◦Film Independent

◦ Independent Feature Project
◦ Unions and Guilds
◾ Writers Guild of America west
◾ Screen Actors Guild
◾ Directors Guild of America
◾ Writers Guild of Canada
◾ Writers Union of Canada (for book authors)
◾ ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists)
◦ Producers Guild of America
◦ Motion Picture Academy
◦ ATAS (Television Academy)
◦ National Association of Broadcasters
◦ The Caucus for TV Producers, Writers & Directors
◦BAFTA Los Angeles

◦ The Business of Film
◦ Entertainment Law Reporter
◦ indieWIRE
◦ PR Entertainment Newswire
◦ Film Festivals
◾ San Sebastian
◾ Cannes
◾ Toronto
◾ Venice
◾ Berlin
◦ Screenwriters Network
◦ Entertainment Merchants Association
◦ National Cable & Telecommunications Association
◦ Ifcome
◦ The Internet Movie Database

• Directories
◦ Producers Masterguide
• Talent and Literary Agencies

◦ William Morris Agency

◦ Agency list
◦ California Secretary of State Talent Agency Licensing Database (searchable)
• Personal Managers
◦ Talent Managers Association
◦ National Conference of Personal Managers
◦Off Sunset Management

• Multimedia
◦ Article: Multimedia Production Agreements
• Finance, Insurance Services, Completion Bonds
◦ AON/Albert G. Ruben
◦ C&S International
◦ Film Finances, Inc.
◦ Fintage House
◦ International Film Guarantors
• International Cultural Policies and Tax Legislation Fostering Motion Picture and Television Production
◦ Argentina
◦ Australia
◦ Canada
◾ Canadian Film Development Corporation Act
◾ British Columbia Project Development Fund
◾ Ontario Media Development Corporation
◾ Telefilm Canada
◾ National Film Board of Canada
◾ Canadian Television Fund
◾ Canadian Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)
◾ Independent Production Fund
◦ Denmark
◦ England
◾ British Film Institute
◦ Ireland
◦ France
◾ Institut National de l'Audiovisuel
◦ Germany
◦ Italy
◦ New Zealand
◦ Eurimages
◦ South Africa
• Legislation
◦ Federal
◦ State
◾ Injunctive relief re personal service contracts Cal. Code Civ. Proc. Sec. 526
◾ Works Made for Hire and the California Labor Code Sec. 3351.5
◾ California Right of Publicity Statutes
◾ Civil Code Sec. 3344
◾ Astaire Celebrity Image Protection Act-- Civil Code Sec. 3344.1(formerly Section 990)
◾ California Anti-Cybersquating Legislation California Business and Professions Code Section 17525 et seq.
◾ Talent Agency Act -- Labor Code Section 1700 et seq.
◾California Labor Commissioner cases interpreting the Talent Agency Act

◦ New York
◾ New York Right of Privacy Statute--Section 50, 51 Civil Rights Law
• International
• Pending Legislation
• Rights of Publicity re Deceased Celebrities (enacted)
◦ Successor in Interest Search--California Secretary of State
• Artists Managers Act
• Approval of Minors' Contracts
• Selected Case Cites

Arbitration issues Contract disputes Distribution issues Defamation First amendment Privacy
Right of publicity Internet domain name issues Talent Agency Act cases Title and clearance issues

• Publications
COMM/ENT Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal
• Miscellaneous Links
• Entertainment Law Links
• Cinema Sites

Article: Trademark Dilution and Merchandising
• Article: Licensing in a Downturned Economy
• Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association (LIMA)
• Trade Publications
◦ License! Magazine
◦ Licensing Week
◦ Kid Screen Magazine
◦ Discount Store News
◦ Sports and Character Licensing
◦ The European Sponsorship Newsletter
◦ IP World
• Trade Shows
◦ Licensing 2000 International
• Web sites
◦ Notara
◾ Notara Industry Search (search for licensees, licensors, agents and who represents whom)
•Transactional forms from deals made by public companies

• Legal Issues
◦ Copyright
◦ Trademark
◾ ICANN Dispute resolution
◾ The Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy Legal Information Site
◦ Defamation
◦ Jurisdiction
◦ Legislation
◦ ICANN --(The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)
◾ Domain Name Policies
◾ Documents re Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)
◾ List of Proceedings Under UDRP (by domain name-- with links to actual decisions)
◦ IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) 
◾ Digital Millenium Copyright Act
◾ Anti-Cybersquating Act (part of the Intellectual Property and Communications Reform Act of 1999)
◾ California Anti-Cybersquating Legislation California Business and Professions Code Section 17525 et seq.
◾ Federal laws and regulations on Computers and Information Technology
◦ Cases
◾ Internet Library of Law and Court Decisions (Philips Nizer)
◦ Berkman Center for Law and Society
• Trends
◦ Broadband
◦ B2B
◾ Commerenet
• Resources
◦ Red Herring
◦ Wired
◦ Upside
• Findlaw Deals (sample contracts)
• Organizations
◦ Venice Internet Community
◦ Get Started
◦ Internet Society Los Angeles
◦ Digital Coast Roundtable
• Venture Capital/Incubators
◦ Idealab
◦ Joint Venture: Silcon Valley Network
◦ National Business Incubator Association
• Public Relations Firms
◦ Alexander Ogilvy
◦ Online Public Relations
• Resources on major lawfirm websites
◦ Fenwick & West
◦ Wilson Sonsini
◦Lott & Friedland
• Domain Registries and Locators
◦ International Domain Registries
◦ Company Locator
• Music on the Internet  
◦ ICANN --(The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)
◾ Domain Name Policies
◾ Documents re Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)
◾ List of Proceedings Under UDRP (by domain name-- with links to actual decisions)
◦ IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) 

◾ Bar Associations
◾ International
    ◾    A.I.J.A. Home Page (International Association of Young Lawyers)

    ◾     UIA (International Association of Lawyers)

    ◾     Los Angeles County Bar Association International Law Section         
    ◾    International Bar Association

Los Angeles County Bar Association
◾ Ethics Opinions
Beverly Hills Bar Association
The State Bar of California
◾ California Rules of Professional Conduct
◾ Related materials
American Bar Association
◾ Ethics Opinions
◾ Legal Ethics
Association of the Bar of the City of New York
New York State Bar Association
District of Columbia Bar Association

Slightly out of town
Mumbai Bar Association
Barreau de Montreal
◾ Paris Bar (Barreau de Paris)
◾ UK
    ◾ Bar Council         
    ◾ Law Society of England and Wales

Other Lawyer Oriented Organizations
Los Angeles Copyright Society
Copyright Society of the USA
California Copyright Conference
International Trademark Association
Association of Business Trial Lawyers
◾ California Society of CPA's

◾ Publications/Seminars
◾     Los Angeles Daily Journal
◾     CEB
◾     PLI

◦ Lawyer Directories
◾ Paul D. Supnik listing Martindale-Hubbell Directory
◾ MentoringPros
◾ West's Legal Directory (
◾ Legal 500
◾ Solicitors Online (U.K. Solicitors)
◦ Lawyer Web Sites

◦ Hieros Gamos (law web site of Lex Mundi)
◦Not So Big Law 

International Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law
◾ Madrid Protocol (Copyright 2004 Los Angeles Lawyer, reproduced with permission)

◾Documents distributed during Geneva diplomatic conference, Dec. 2 to 20, 1996 re Copyright and Neighboring Rights
◾ WIPO COPYRIGHT TREATY adopted by the Diplomatic Conference on December 20, 1996
◾ WIPO PERFORMANCES AND PHONOGRAMS TREATY Adopted by the Diplomatic Conference on December 20, 1996
◾ Berne Convention, Stockholm text, 1967
◾ Berne Convention, Paris text as amended 1979
◾ Rome Convention
◾ Phonogram treaty
◾ Paris Convention
◾ Universal Copyright Convention, Geneva 1952, including Paris Protocol 1971
◾ WIPO home page
◾Intellectual Property Offices Around the World (from WIPO)

◾ TRIPS Agreement (Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property in GATT)
◾ Canadian Copyright Act
◾ French Intellectual Property Laws
◾British Copyright Law

◾ Mexico Intellectual Property Law
◾ Brazil Intellectual Property Law
◾ Compleat World Copyright Website
◦ International Arbitration
◾ New York Convention (Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, New York, 10 June 1958) ---- Status
◾ [alternate site]
◾ AAA Commercial Arbitration Rules
◾ AAA International Arbitration Rules
◾ LCIA (formerly London Court of International Arbitration) Rules
◾ ICC Arbitration (Paris)
◾ IFTA Arbitration
◾ California International Arbitration Act (Cal. Code of Civ. Proc. 1297.11 et seq. (only preamble)
◾ Search California Code of Civil Procedure
◦ International Trade Agreements
◾ Download GATT
◾ WORLD TRADE AGREEMENT (establishing the WTO and including GATT 1994)
◾ WTO Home Page
◾ SICE (by Organization of American States) contains full text of trade agreements, trade and investment regulations and more
◾ US Vietnam Trade Agreement (Whittier Law School)
◦ Other international law, treaties and information
◾ U.S. House of Representatives--laws of other nations
◾ International Constitutional law
◾ United Nations key documents
◾ United Nations and business
◾ International Trade Administration (U.S. Commerce Department)
◾ Import Administration (U.S. Commerce Department)
◾ Importing and Exporting (U.S. Customs Service)
◾ US House of Representatives --Treaties and international law
◾ Hague Conference on Private International Law--List of Conventions
◾ Federal Trade Commission (Promotion of Export Trade and Prevention of Unfair Methods of Competition)
◾ International and Multilateral Treaties
◾ Trade and Commercial Relations
◾ International Trade Law Monitor
◾ A Basic Guide to Exporting
◾ Convention on Agency in the International Sale of Goods(Geneva 1983)
◾ UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods(1980)
◾ Foreign and International Law Web
◾ Findlaw International law
◾ ForInt Foreign international law page
◾ Lexadin International Legislation
◾ Law of Latin American Countries
◾ Mexico
◾ Brazil
◾ Argentina
◾ Law of European Countries
◾ Belgium
◾ France
◾ Court of Cassation
◾ Conseil d'Etat
◾ French Constitution
◾ French Law
◾ Paris Bar
◾ (intellectual property)
◾ Germany
◾ German Business Law
◾ German Telecommunications Law
◾ Switzerland
◾ United Kingdom
◾ Legal resources
◾ UK Court System
◾ Law of China
◾ The Lehman Lee Law Library (Lehman, Lee & Xu , Bejing)
◾ International Trademark Registration -- Trademark Offices in Various Countries
◾ Case law from the British Isles
◾ Central and Eastern Europe
◾ International Court Web Sites
◾ International Court of Justice
◦International Organizations

◾ International Chamber of Commerce
◾ International Visitors Council of Los Angeles
◾ National Council for International Visitors
◾ U.S. State Department
◾ Global Beverly Hills
◾ Federation of International Trade Associations

Hieros Gamos 50,000 URLs and Database
◾ International Law Office
◾ Los Angeles County Law Library --enormous collection of foreign law materials available
◾ The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School --Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
◾ Law Research International Law Directory
◾ The Centre for European Policy Studies
◾ US State Department Office of the Coordinator for Business Affairs
◾ Foreign Exchange Rates/Currency Conversion

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